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Delivery is now available

As we continue to implement safe social distancing practices, and as local restrictions change, we're now offering local delivery of necessary feeders and products where available. We're following all of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines to make choosing Scales and Tails safe for our Customers.  We'll even provide contactless service through our Curbside process by placing your order directly in your trunk.

Feeders for Lizards

Big Belly Beardie Combo 

100 pack of Superworms, 5 dozen crickets, fresh greens and vegetables, your choice of supplement. FREE Delilvery included!


Fresh Greens and Vegetables 

32 oz bag of freshly chopped greens and vegetables.


Superworm cup

100 count gut-loaded superworms.


Mealworm Cup

Cup of 70 gut-loaded mealworms 


5 Dozen-Crickets 

5 dozen gut-loaded crickets.


10 Dozen-Crickets 

10 dozen gut-loaded crickets.


Organic Supplements

Calcium Powder with or w/o D3

Rain's Bee-Healthy Supplement

(packed full of protein, amino acids, minerals, vitamins and tons of other nutritional elements) 

Alfalfa powder (plant based protein)

Dried Hybiscus Flowers or Powder

(Packed With Antioxidants)

Dried Calendula Flowers

(soothing, anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also a rich source of caretenoids, antioxidants and nutrients perfect for lizard and tortoise diets)

Dandelion Greens

(Powerhouse of Antioxidants,

Highly Nutritious)


Feeders for Snakes

Live Rats and Mice

Price is based on quantity ordered.

starting at $2.49

Freshly Euthanized Rats and Mice

Price is based on quantity ordered.

starting at $2.49


Choose from coco-husk, repti-bark,  forest floor,or aspen.

4 quart

8 quart


per quart 


Heat Bulb 













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